Monday, March 19, 2012

good for my soul

our church is divided into parishes by geographic area. a few months ago, the young dads in our parish started having dinner together every month or so to encourage each other. together they decided to send all their frazzled wives away for the weekend so we could have some kid-free time to know each other better, and be refreshed. we did not have to plan a bit of it, which made a few of us anxious. however, it was a wonderful weekend of hiking, laughter, tears, quiet, prayer, reading, shopping here. it is a joy to be in the lives of others as we walk through seasons of blessing and hardship both. i am so thankful for these vessels of God's grace and for my sweet husband joyfully sending me off, and my parents who loved on the kiddos while adam worked saturday/night.

tara and i squeezed in one final hike in the Sunday morning rain...foggy glasses, wet hair and all.

it was the first time i had been away from all the kids for more than part of a day since miles was born and i was so glad to see these little ones again.

miles enjoyed a weekend during which no one made him wear pants...

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Kevin and Tara said...

yeah!!! the pic's turned out great! I'm going to try and "steal" them for the blog :) Thanks again for being the type of friend who was willing to "sleep on the floor" so I could come.