Saturday, March 3, 2012

sweet mama

words cannot adequately express how thankful i am for my sweet mom who turns 60 today. i do not tell her frequently enough of this thankfulness. i have often taken for granted her unselfishness, integrity, and faithfulness. she has lived a simple and beautiful life of faithful loving and serving Jesus, her family, and others. in typical form, she is spending her birthday babysitting my brother's kiddos so they can be part of a wedding. she would not want it any other way...always wanting to serve and not draw attention to herself. love you mom! so thankful for 60 years of God's faithful grace in your life!

my mac-using genius brothers and sis put this video together with the birthday song we all learned in high school chorus!


City Grace said...

can i please be an okie sibling? please???? that was so cute!

Kevin and Tara said...

she is so sweet - so thankful to know her a little!