Wednesday, March 21, 2012


these kids are getting BIG! we bought spring/summer shoes yesterday and both marit and graham are in 11s. craziness. and also, they have outgrown little bikes and trikes and are now both riding 16 inch bikes (hooray for used bikes at 2 for $37!). sometimes learning to ride a bike in a neighborhood like ours can be tricky as we don't really have a driveway and the sidewalks are bumpy and interrupted by countless driveways and intersections. yesterday we found an old tennis court 1/2 a block away. perfect...complete with a little hill for marit, the daring one, to go sailing up and down. it is on evenings like this one...about 65 degrees with a breeze, kids laughing and learning, that i think i have the best job ever. it isn't always easy, a fact to which every mom will attest, but it is so so good. *thankful sigh*

backwards helmet

rocks are so interesting...can you tell he took a nose dive on the pool steps yesterday? poor buddy's face is totally scraped.

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Kevin and Tara said...

so cute! yesterday, I braved it at the greenway w/ the younger two in the jogger stroller and the older 2 riding their bikes....I actually got a few jogging steps in along the way - amazing!